Since 2003,photographer Jin Ping has been aiming his camera at the vanishing traditional handicraft in the west of China. In the past few years,he has toured all over Sichuan,Yunan and Guizhou,shooting the traditional manual process of making brown sugar,paper,wine and pottery. Among all those topics,JIIN has a special attachment to paper made with folk crafts ,and has visited numerous places in regions of ethnic minorities and documented by photographing their traditional art and craft of paper making,to which he adds new significance by perfectly merging it with modern digital imaging. In 2004 when shooting in the Dege Sutra Printing House in Ganze, Sichuan province,he started printing the photographs depicting the process of paper making and sutra printing at the printing house with the very Tibetan paper used for printing the sutra.In addition to that,JIN has also photographed the paper making techniques of the Chinese ethnic groups of Dai,Miao,Bai,Naxi and Han,and printed the photo images of the paper making process on the their respective traditional paper. Different cultures ,making techniques and raw materials lead to varied images,but all with strong visual expressiveness.That's the unique,stylistic imaging art in its original ecology JinPing has brought us. This album Dege: Impressions is a reconstruction of the whole process of paper making,block carving and sutra printing at the Dege Sutra Printing House and Dege's religious and cultural arts in all its richness and variety.The piety,dignity,simplicity and texture expressed in JinPing's works are translated into an almost tangible feeling of the soul.
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